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Classes start 14 January 2013. The cost for 2013 is R 25 000. This includes morning class fees, the camps, and the borrowing of a backpack for the hike. A 4 GB memory stick with notes, career software and other course related information.

Students must raise their own money for the end of year production, food for the hike (R500), snacks for excursions, and pocket money for The Journey (R800). Dancers first aid kit (R500).

A registration fee of R4000 must be paid after the selection interview in order to ensure a student’s place. Admission closes on 14 January 2013. The registration fee is non-refundable upon cancellation. Further payments for the year must be done before or on the 3rd of the months February to September 2013 at R 2625 per month, payable electronically.

Access to classes will only be allowed on presentation of proof of payment each month. If access is denied due to non-payment, the FULL outstanding amount is still liable.

NB! Upon payment of the registration fee, a contract must be signed, in which the person responsible for the account commits him/herself to pay the FULL year’s class fees in the event of a student leaving the course before completion.


Mature leadership is imperative in ensuring the quality of this course. Class fees may not always be sufficient for presenting this course with the necessary excellence, and sponsorships will therefore be much appreciated. Should you feel lead to support us, please contact Judy at

072 184 1307 or

Deposits can be made to our section 18A bursary fund.

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