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Course Requirements -at own cost and on arrival

Appropriate dance gear and shoes for contemporary, ballet and fitness training (Ballet pumps, pointes, if advanced dancer, dance sneakers/aerobic cross-trainers) knee pads

 slippers, fleece blanket or gown, pillow/cushion to leave at studio

Dancers first aid kit to be discussed at orientation (Budget R500)

Thera-band (Medium strength)

Stretch bands (optional)

Aerobic step R269.00 @ Mr. Price sport or home-made min measurements: L-70cm x W-30cm x H-15cm

Exercise mat/thick towel/garden chair cushion cover

Ladies 750g – 1kg exercise wrist weights. Home-made sand bags allowed

Men 2.5kg exercise wrist weights. Home-made sand bags allowed

Bible and personal journal

Other stationery- notebook, pens, high-lighters, pencils, file.