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The pointe shoe - pointing you in the right direction…

Breaking in your shoes – Humility

Career guidance (Not dance related)

Spiritual gifts

Careers (Dance related)

The performance - Life is a stage…

Self leadership

On “tour”/ performance

Outreaches/community projects

Curtain Call and striking the set – Back to the barre in 1st position…

A dancer never stops moving

Lights off stage - integrity in the private place


Striking the set, letting go and saying goodbye

     Stay with a troupe to keep fit

*Purple indicates all year  practical

*Blue indicates modular  theory AND practical

Thematic Coaching Process

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Behind Barres - discipline brings us into freedom…

Body, soul and spirit in relation to Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Dance and exercise technique (beginner to advanced) Specializing in ballet and contemporary only. Limited exposure to other dance styles, but all dancers of all styles welcome

Functional Anatomy

Nutrition and health

Biblical Spiritual disciplines

Behind the scenes - stepping back for perspective on back stage activity…

Dance History

The Tabernacle

The Feasts of the Lord

Costume, set and lighting design  

The Dressing room - naked vulnerability and a look in the mirror…

Caring for and mending a costume - Emotional healing and understanding emotional intelligence       


Ribbons and laces- Etiquette and work ethics, make-up and hair

 Planning the production - a work in progress…

Christian World view

Video review



Choreography and/or repertoire

      Finances & Arts administration

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a GAP YEAR to assist students in career choices and/or a year of dance enjoyment and personal growth. We are NOT an accredited or registered educational institution.